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How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: “I Hope My Furnace Lasts Through The Season!”

Finding The Right Contractor Is Easy

You may have just bought a house or your furnace and air conditioning is getting old. The thought of carbon monoxide poisoning has you worried. However you don’t know what to look for in a new furnace or how to find a great company you can trust for the sizing and installation. Well we are here to help you make a wise and safe choice.

Getting The Best Value

So what do you need to know about purchasing a new furnace or air conditioner? 1) Do you really need a new furnace or air conditioner? Maybe you have a newer furnace that just needs a little maintenance. 2) What are all these numbers I see about efficiency and what do they mean. AFUE is a measure of how much gas is utilized over the average year. A 90% AFUE means that for every 100 BTUs put in then you will have 90 BTUs of heat output. A typical furnace is 90%-97%. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a measure of an air conditions energy efficiency. While anything over a 13 SEER is Energy Start rated which mean you can be sure it is efficient. 3) Purchase maintenance contracts or warranty extensions. These can be costly and they can become more costly the longer you plan to have the unit in service 4) Can the purchase of the new unit pay for itself over time? This depends on the cost of energy and the current unit and new unit efficiency difference. 5) The cost of a new furnace and air conditioner can be prohibitive for many people.

There Are Many Purchasing Plans To Fit Your Needs

We work hard to make this affordable for you. You won’t have to stretch your monthly budget or dig for change in the furniture cushions.

  • You can pay with Check or Cash
  • We also accept Credit Cards
  • Yes – We do have financing available

The Rental Plan To The Rescue

1) Evaluate the current furnace and air conditioning units to see if they are safe and efficient 2) We only use the Energy Star Rated furnaces and air conditioners. The furnace is rated at 95% AFUE and the air conditioner is rated at 14.5 SEER. 3) There is no need to purchase maintenance contracts or service agreements with the rental plan. It is just like renting an apartment. When the sewer backs-up you give the owner a call or when the lights flicker and a new switch is needed you just give the owners a call. Avi and his team will come out and fix the problem. They will also do a yearly tune-up for free. 4)These units can save you up to 45% on your heating and cooling bills. 5) There is are upfront charges as everything is included in the rental agreement. 6) The air conditioner uses R410a chlorine free refrigerant so you do have to worry about the environment. 7) You also get a free programmable thermostat that will automatically adjust the temperature for when you are home or away or sleeping. This can save you even more money.

Give Avi a call at (724) 518 -1642 for your free evaluation today.

The team wants to take the helpless lost feeling away when making a decision to go with a new furnace or air conditioning unit. In addition to the FREE Thermostat you can have 2 months free rent if you choose a furnace or air conditioner. If you choose both you will have 3 Months Free Rent.

When you make the smart choice to rent

You will get a FREE Thermostat which can save you $180 a year
Free 2 Months Rent
Free 3rd Month Rent When You Decide On Both

For Your Free Energy Star furnace and air conditioner installation

(724) 518-1642

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